Come join us at our monthly meeting!

2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:45pm
Mildred Avenue Community Center
5 Mildred Ave., Mattapan

Vision Statement: Mattapan will become known as one of the healthiest communities in Boston, with easy access to affordable and healthy food. Our streets will be clean, safe, walk-able, and bike-able. Our residents of all ages and abilities will take regular advantage of the abundant and inviting play spaces and recreational opportunities.

Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition is a grassroots movement in the Mattapan neighborhood of Boston designed for making healthy and affordable food, safe and inviting recreational spaces and streets and sidewalks readily accessible to all.

Our organization grew out of an effort to draw on the wonderful ethnic and cultural diversity of the Mattapan community to promote a healthy living environment, with a focus on access to healthy foods and the promotion of physical fitness for all ages rochester online pharmacy

Positive changes in these areas complement other efforts to decrease health problems like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and other health conditions that plague our community